The FBI wants Tim Cook to steal your dickpics on their behalf.
It’s true. The FBI recently demanded that Apple write software to allow them to lift dickpics from any iPhone they want. They say that’s not the real reason but we all know they’re lying. This is a really important issue: Read more
Cute baby scared by Shadow
Nowadays it takes a lot to earn a children’s love, so fathers are starting to get creative. Well that’s what Reddit user uphigh_downlow tried to do; watch the video below: Read more
This Guy’s airport tactics are Incredible!
I have been doing this for over 1 year now, because I was frustrated I don’t get good exercise while travelling. Remember Heelys, the shoes with wheels? Turns out they make getting around airports a lot faster, as one man discovered! Check out the video below: Read more
Snowboarding in New York City
“I think yesterday’s urban conditions were on par,” with the best he’s ever boarded, he said. YouTube vlogger and filmmaker Casey Neistat took advantage of the extreme conditions in New York City to do something crazy! Neistat hooked up to a Jeep to go snowboarding through the streets of... Read more