VIDEO: Enormous Electrical EXPLOSION Beneath South East Train

An electrical fault, combined with dodgy gas equipment beneath the train gave rise to this impressive electrical explosion beneath a South West train recently at Dorchester station. Electrical arcing in the poor weather combined with gas caused this intense display!  

You won’t believe this hilarious video by Leicestershire Police completing the #runningmanchallenge! They even nominated Nottinghamshire Police, Derbyshire Constabulary and Northamptonshire police to do it next! Oh my!

This puppy’s smile might just break the internet!


Cute baby scared by Shadow
Nowadays it takes a lot to earn a children’s love, so fathers are starting to get creative. Well that’s what Reddit user uphigh_downlow tried to do; watch the video below: Read more
DeLorean from Back to the Future to be built once more!
Holy crap! The DeLorean car from the ‘Back to the Future’ series of films will be produced again for the first time since 1982, with the first hopefully completed in 2017. You can buy a refurbished model for around $50,000 but the new models will be worth “less than $100,000”. DMC... Read more
These 12 Photos From The Past Are Shocking, Crazy, Or Both. I Still Can’t Believe Some Of Them.
Throughout history, things have changed, but people stay the same. And by the same, we mean still weird. There are so many unbelievable, shocking and crazy moments that have happened over time, and luckily Reddit user epicnesshunter found a gallery of the best odd photos from history. Get ready for the ride of... Read more
Top 10 Men with Bulges

Top 10 Men with Bulges Hot

Top 10's 28th January 2016 0

10. When you just can’t let go. View post on 9. The over-excited sportsman bulge. View post on 8. So that’s where he keeps his big-mac! View post on 7. The drooper. View post on 6. The electric heater. View post on 5. The ‘we just... Read more
This Guy’s airport tactics are Incredible!
I have been doing this for over 1 year now, because I was frustrated I don’t get good exercise while travelling. Remember Heelys, the shoes with wheels? Turns out they make getting around airports a lot faster, as one man discovered! Check out the video below: Read more
Snowboarding in New York City
“I think yesterday’s urban conditions were on par,” with the best he’s ever boarded, he said. YouTube vlogger and filmmaker Casey Neistat took advantage of the extreme conditions in New York City to do something crazy! Neistat hooked up to a Jeep to go snowboarding through the streets of... Read more
Remember these Top 10 Unforgettable Viral Videos of All Time   10. These crazy kids dancin infront of their cameras, an old one from 2006. 9.  Another nostalgic video featuring Gary Brolsma (What a name), also from 2006. 8.  Dun Dun DUUUN, one of the first ever reaction gifs…videos. 2007 7.... Read more
63 Things That Mildly Annoy All Scots On A Daily Basis
1. Non-Scots asking how you voted in the referendum even though you know they don’t actually care. 2. People screeching the phrase “Och aye the noo!” when they find out you’re Scottish. 3. English shopkeepers refusing to accept Scottish banknotes. 4. English shopkeepers calmly accepting your Scottish banknote, depriving... Read more
This Lingerie Company’s New Model Is Unapologetically Curvy
Aerie, American Eagle’s lingerie line, has just released a new campaign teaser video featuring model Barbie Ferreira. Aerie / Via Ferreira, a self-described “curve” model, represents body type scarcely shown in the fashion industry: her measurements aren’t that of a traditional straight- orplus-size model. barbienox / Via Read more
The 22 Funniest Profiles On Tinder
Want someone to swipe right on your profile? Be up-front about how many s you own.   1. A good tinder profile needs to carefully manage expectations. 2. You need to be clear about what you want out of the relationship. 3. You should be up-front about... Read more